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We now have a Wiki.  We need people to add articles to the wiki.  Click click login at the upper right of the wiki to register..


We have a classified section.  Click the link above to access it.


4 thoughts on “Wiki

  • Harry E. Ashton aka "wire-shaker"

    Development is going well. I would like to see the files and pics from Yahoo Gravely Club transferred to this sight. There is way to much valuable information that is quite inaccessible now since the new unimproved version was dumped on us by Yahoo’s new CEO.

  • Al Jobes aka CanaryAl

    As someone who reads the condensed summary from yahoo all the time, but rarely goes into the files I second Harry’s suggestion. I participate at the MTF Gravely site. I know there is good information at the yahoo site, but it is difficult to find it. I would love to see all that info and the great pictures available here. I would imagine there are too many issues involved to do so – just guessing – but it sure would ad value to this site.

  • Thomas Bartlett

    An online directory of where to find articles in previous Gazette issues. Perhaps a DVD of all the Gazettes since day one? A way to raise money for our club.

  • Genier Philippe

    Good day,
    I owned 2 Gravelys tractors: 1 convertible L s bought second hand in 1974, 1 commercial 5665 Kohler 12 hp engine .
    For the first one, the engine stops when the tool is engaged and I don’t know how to fix carburator and regulator, for the scond one , the idling is too fast. Is someone to give me some help and tips for fixing thes problems?
    With many thanks.

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