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  • Donald

    Hi,I am A new member and I am looking for some parts for my 14- G Professional tractor and my 5200 walk behind. Are any of the items in the photo area for sale ? And if so, how do I contact the owners ? Thanks Don Herndon Cell 410 940 4888a

  • allen wente

    i am not a member, am wanting to sell my 1948 walk behind w many attackments, tiller, rotory plow, finish mower, 2 bushhog attachments, 1 1 blade the other 2 blade,cycle bar (2) solky, this is a super in good condition. any help will be appreciated

  • Thomas Bartlett

    Establish a forum for members to ask questions and let other members reply Other forums are too complicated. Have member enter club number, ask for a confirmation for the inquirer to respond to correctly to proceed further. Then set up for other members to respond. KISS is the way to go.

  • Ronald Ritz

    I have a Gravely Super Convertable Model L # 85528 , when was it made ? Yes it still work’s I have a rototiller, a snowblower, and blade for it. My uncle owned it before me but he’s to old to remember, he’s got demencha and dosen’t even remember me some times. So i would like to know about it, what it might be worth even. Thank you for your help….

  • Ken Roylance

    I have photos of a Gravely riding lawn mower I am interested in selling. Is there a place or person I can get these photos to so they can give me an idea of price and where to display them? Ken Roylance

  • john

    i have a 1927 gravely model d tractor I am going to take the engine out and keep it I would to sale the rest it has the plow and 2 disk

  • Kelly Brown

    I have a custom L. ( I think). Do you have any information on this bad boy. It’s a walk behind brush cutter, rototiller, snow blower. Thanks

  • Michael Solomon

    I have been a member in the past and would like to rejoin. Please
    email the membership form so I can send you the dues check.

  • Michael Ritchey

    As a customer experience manager for business websites, I need to give some feedback about this page because I am really baffled with it. When I clicked the Gallery link on the nav bar of the home page to come here, what I expected is to arrive at a gallery of images, hopefully images of the wide variety of implements created for gravely tractors over the years. What I encountered instead is a page that contained no pictures, that invited me to create my own gallery, and that spends most of its real estate asking for comments. I’m totally baffled. In the words of Clay Christensen and other business experts, this page does not solve the job this customer was trying to do when he clicked the link to come here, and if I were still a betting man I’ll bet you $1000 that if you conducted user testing with ten customers who came to this page in the past 90 days, 70% would tell you they didn’t find what they wanted here either, and that Google Analytics would tell you that 60% of users bounce off this page without proceeding further.

  • carl schilling

    Am looking for advice – how to get my 5240 Gravely to go forward. Reverse works fine, but tractor will not advance , or does so weakly. It is new to me , and have another 5240 which works fine , except engine needs motor rebuilt.

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  • Scott Vorrath

    I have Gravely group photos from mow in 2017 and another early one no date but maybe 2015?? if anyone wants them Scott Vorrath 734-770-8519

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